Grand Canyon, Arizona

I stood there, looking out at the canyon that we were about to climb down into. Somewhere down there is a little town called Supai. And around Supai there are a collection of waterfalls and swimming holes that make other states jealous of Arizona.

After ten miles of hiking through the sandy, rocky, colorful canyon, we turned a corner and saw the bright aqua colored water of Havasupai Falls. And it looked like paradise, the way things were meant to be. We spent the weekend camping and playing.

I will go back someday.

havasupai falls grand canyon

 Grand Canyon mules

havasupai falls Grand Canyon 3  havasupai falls Grand Canyon hiking 4 havasupai falls grand canyon hiking 5

havasupai falls grand canyon 6

beaver falls grand canyon

havasupai falls beaver falls grand canyon

k.h. 2012


5 Responses to “Arizona: Havasupai Falls”

  1. unpackedwriter

    Thank you. Stunning photos. I don’t live far and have wanted to do this for a long time. You’ve done wonders for my inspiration! Thank you, Renee.

    • Kimbernator

      Great!!! What a wonderful trip, even though I did kinda want to cry when I saw that final 1.5 miles of uphill switchbacks at the end…


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