Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

We were in Las Vegas a few weekends ago, and the weirdness was getting to us.

Now normally I can handle weird. And I do like Las Vegas. But there was some kind of convention/concert/strangefest that had people walking around in their underwear and wearing tutus, and it just wasn’t for me. We arrived on Friday night, and by Saturday morning I heard the words “well, it’s only 45 minutes away, and it could be cool…” coming out of my husband’s mouth. He wanted to get away from the tutus for a couple of hours too.

And so we drove to Valley of Fire National Park. A place I had never heard of until a few days before we left when I randomly googled “Photography Las Vegas Nevada” and found it. I wasn’t expecting much. Just some red rocks.

We drove into the park and were immediately struck by the other-worldly feel of the landscape. A barren desert speckled with red rock formations that contrasted sharply with the light brown earth. It was mesmerizing. It was unexpected. It was an adventure.

k.h. 2012


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