Boulders Beach, South Africa

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect on our way to Boulders Beach that day. We were traveling an awfully long way to see

a bunch of penguins…

But when we arrived I knew it was worth it. Not only was the scenery beautiful, the penguins were adorable.

And why would you call an adorable penguin a jackass?

Because they make a noise like a donkey’s bray. Seriously.


*These pictures were scanned from film originals, so the quality is less than ideal.

k.h. 2004


2 Responses to “South Africa: Jackass Penguins”

  1. Geoff Maritz

    You have done some serious traveling by the looks of things. Glad you came to Cape Town. Found your blog through the April a-z challenge link. Have lots of fun and trust God in all things, Geoff. ( Your’s was the only blog I could find with ph after it.)

    • Kimbernator

      I’m glad you found me! I am looking forward to the April Challenge! And thank you for the reminder to trust God. Sometimes it’s easier said than done, so I value reminders like yours. 🙂


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