Jerome, Arizona

Tucked away into the Black Hills in Northern Arizona, Jerome overlooks the Verde Valley and is home to 444 people today (which just happens to be my lucky number!!). In the early 1900’s it was a boom town built next to a rich copper mine, and it made national headlines in 1917 when 60 IWW workers (Industrial Workers of the World) were led into cattle cars at gunpoint and shipped west. Today it is considered a ghost town, but it certainly comes alive as a tourist destination on the weekends!

Jerome’s largest hotel, the Jerome Grand Hotel, was originally built as a mental institution in 1926, and is said to be one of the most haunted buildings in the country. Several shows, including the Travel Channel, have come to explore the reports of strange happenings in and around the hotel.

Today, Jerome is filled with weekend tourists that show up in droves to shop in the antique stores, eat at the restaurants, and enjoy the scenery. There’s even an old mine nearby that offers a glimpse into the former boom town’s past.


The Hotel Connor, 1899 (Photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

Jerome edited-7

The Hotel Connor, 2012

Jerome edited Jerome edited-2 Jerome edited-3 Jerome edited-4 Jerome edited-5 Jerome edited-6


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