Sedona, Arizona

Cairns are man-made rock piles that serve as a landmarks to mark a special area or one’s presence at a particular place, a use they have had since ancient times. They can be found all over the world. In fact, I am sure that I have seen them before but I never knew what they were until my visit to Sedona.

Near Cathedral Rock, we stumbled upon hundreds of cairns, no doubt marking a place that visitors to Sedona believe may be a “vortex”. While I have my doubts about the vortex idea, I don’t doubt that this large area filled with cairns was definitely one of the most unique sites I have ever seen.

Cairnes (edited) 11-2012 Cairnes (edited) 11-2012-2 Cairnes (edited) 11-2012-3 Cairnes (edited) 11-2012-4 Cairnes (edited) 11-2012-5 Cairnes (edited) 11-2012-6 Cairnes (edited) 11-2012-7 Cairnes (edited) 11-2012-8 Cairnes (edited) 11-2012-9


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