April Challenge: Blogging from “A” to “Z”

“A” is for Antelopes and Ant Hills


For my first blogging challenge, my good friend C.B. Wentworth convinced me to join the April Challenge. So for the entire month of April I will be posting every day except Sundays, with each post relating to a letter of the alphabet. Nature is the theme for the whole month. Some pictures are re-used from previous posts (cause who says you can only post a picture once?) and some are new. Some of the themes are creative and some are straight forward. All are my interpretation of the letter of the day. I hope to let each picture speak for itself. My goal is to make you smile, even just for a second, each day.




10 Responses to “April Challenge: “A” is for Antelopes and Ant Hills”

  1. Cathy

    Hi, I’m visiting from the A to Z Challenge. Love the picture. That is some monster ant hill!!

  2. C.B. Wentworth

    I’m smiling! I am so excited to see where you take us during the A to Z Challenge this month. πŸ™‚

    p.s. That is one giant ant hill. I don’t think I want to meet the ants that made it. :-O

  3. Sharon Himsl

    Now that’s a scene we don’t often see. Thanks for sharing. You are one very blessed traveler!! Just stopping by to say ‘hi’ in the a-z.


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