Mystery Valley

I am always contemplative when I visit ruins of any sort. Who lived here? What were their lives like? What was their story? I can’t imagine the lives these people led hundreds or thousands of years ago. They were surrounded by incredible beauty in Mystery Valley, with the distinctive rock formations of Monument Valley close by. The weather was dry all year around, and hot in the summers. I can visit their former dwellings, and I can observe their surroundings, but I will always wonder who they were as people. The details of their individual lives are lost, but perhaps I am keeping their memory alive by simply wondering who they were.

Mystery Valley Many Hands Ruins Mystery Valley Many Hands Ruins-2 Mystery Valley Many Hands Ruins-3 Mystery Valley Many Hands Ruins-4Mystery Valley Anasazi Ruins Arch Arch Mystery Valley Anasazi Ruins Arch Arch-2 Mystery Valley Anasazi Ruins Arch Arch-3k.h. 2013


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