Monument Valley

I love arches. I guess I love them because they are unexpected. They take time, wind, and the right type of stone. The perfect combination of elements produce these beautiful little windows of nature. Our Navajo guide took us to several arches in Monument Valley that can only be reached by someone familiar with this land.

The following arches are located in Monument Valley.

arch 3_-2_-3_-4_-5_fused

Ear of the Wind Arch


arch 2_-2_-3_-4_fused

Eye of the Sun Arch

ย More angles of Eye of the Sun Arch…arch 2 up_-2_-3_-4_-5_fused arch 2 up arch 2 fg_-2_-3_-4_fused These next arches are located in Mystery Valley, another area very close to Monument Valley but with a different character.

Half Moon Arch

Half Moon Arch

Pine Tree Arch

Pine Tree Arch

Mystery Valley Honeymoon Arch

Honeymoon Arch

The following pictures were taken from inside Honeymoon Arch, where ruins of an ancient bread storage compartment can still be seen…

Mystery Valley Honeymoon Arch-5 Mystery Valley Honeymoon Arch-4 Mystery Valley Honeymoon Arch-3

k.h. 2013


6 Responses to “Navajo Nation: Monument Valley Arches”

  1. Rustic Recluse

    These shots are so beautiful! Are there drawings of hoofed animals there? It’s awesome, now I really wish I could visit too! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for sharing!

    • Kimbernator

      Thank you! And yes, there are ancient drawings everywhere. I LOVED Monument Valley. It was absolutely beautiful and unlike anywhere I’ve ever been. And….close to home!!!

      • Rustic Recluse

        Aww, how nice! I’m too far away but I’ll jot this down in my little travel book for now; hopefully some day I’ll get to share my photos of Monument Valley with you too! ๐Ÿ™‚

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