Zion National Park, Utah

I never thought I would hike in a river. But that’s exactly what I found myself doing one weekend in early November in Zion National Park. It was slippery, and at any moment I could have slipped and fallen into the water, losing the gear I had rented and ruining my camera. But I didn’t, and that alone is a huge accomplishment for me (since I am a notorious klutz), therefore I share these photos with extreme pride knowing that they were not easily obtained!

The Virgin River runs through Zion National Park, giving it a serene atmosphere and accommodating the lush vegetation that makes the park one of the most beautiful (and peaceful) places I have ever been. The slot canyon that has been carved by the river offers the perfect light for photography. Pops of fall color dot the landscape of rock and running water. Anyone can rent water shoes, a wet suit and a hiking stick, or brave the frigid water without all the fancy gear, and work their way against the flow to discover a hidden world that few ever see.

As far as the park, the best time to visit Zion National Park is late October through early November. The reds and golds ripen, the weather is perfect, and it’s enough to simply walk around and just enjoy the scenery. The park is a photographer’s dream, but you don’t have to be a photographer to enjoy the park. In fact, I am planning on returning next Fall with my husband, whose only camera is his phone! πŸ™‚

Zion National Park Fall Color

Zion Narrows Virgin River

Zion National Park photography Virgin River running water Virgin River NarrowsZion National Park Virgin River

k.h. 2012


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